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Our Mission

  • The statement “Doing Business Beyond People’s Expectations”  is a critical one for Nickel Group.  We don’t strive just to be successful, we strive to make a difference.  Our desire is to build relationships with everyone we interact with.  Our primary goal is to have people who connect with our group, and without truly knowing us,  comment that “THERES SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT THAT COMPANY”. 

  • Nickel Group is motivated to shift the perspective of how people in the building industry view builders and to eliminate the “Construction Guys” stereotype.   We see ourselves as different than the rest of the pack.  Whether a job is 5 thousand dollars or 5 million, our goals and objectives are the same every time…Build People & Spaces!

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Our team

Chris Nickel - Nickel Group Developments


President & Masterbuilder

Chris is the storyteller, dreamer and “hype man” for Nickel Group.  He’s a passionate entrepreneur who loves to see customers thrilled with their new, amazingly built living spaces.  He’s built homes for over 15 years and has been involved in more than 500 projects. 


Chris is actively engaged in the home building sector and currently provides leadership to the industry by serving as a Director of the Canadian Homebuilders Association of Southern Alberta.  He’s successfully launched previous home building ventures, been nominated for multiple building and design awards, and has even managed to win a few.

Nickel Group

Coralee Nickel - Nickel Group Developments


Corporate Social Responsibility

One of Nickel Group’s key values is creating a culture of giving. 


Coralee is a natural at overseeing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan for the company as she has a passion to give back into the communities we work with. 


Being the wife of Chris, and a mother of 4 little ones, managing the CSR plan is the easy part of her day.


Nickel Group

Kenton Reimer - Nickel Group Developments


Business Consulting

Kenton is an industry professional in business development and operational management with over 30 years of extensive corporate experience.


As Nickel Group is an energetic, millennial driven company it’s good to have his “older guy” voice of reason keeping everyone and everything on course. 


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